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                             RWBY Yang zpsb85887c7 by mj-r

Chug was a huge fan of RWBY, he decided to marathon the show before the launch of volume 4, watching all the way to chapter 5 of volume 3, when he started the episode, a sudden flash came from the computer screen, blinding him instantly.

When his vision came back, he was stunned by what he saw: he was inside the arena from the show, even with the CG textures, but something was weird, it was completely empty. Only one thought came to his mind: “Weird, in the episode it was full of people”, right after having this thought, he noticed some strange computer codes all over the arena, and with a bright light they formed the audience and the announcers.

The next thing would be the competitors, Chug was excited, it would be the team battle with Yang and Weiss, his predictions were confirmed when Neon and Flynt formed in front of him, next Weiss appeared on his left, strangely Yang was nowhere to be seen.

He looked on the sky and noticed a “loading” screen, it’s percentage was on 50, the character models then began to speak and move on their own, like in the episode. Chug had a bad feeling about this, the percentage was still halfway done and everything was working fine, and them, everything stopped around him.

Looking around for some explanation, he saw the percentage going up to 55, and he felt something blocking his view, after touching it, he noticed his hair was growing at a fast pace, it only stopped when it hit his back. Chug’s hair changed from red to yellow, “my hair looks almost like Yang’s now, this can’t be good”.

At 60%, his arms and legs got smoother, he felt a tingling sensation on his hands as gloves formed on them, at the same time as his nails grew and Yang’s shotgun bracelets appeared on each arm.  “I’m now shrinking? Seriously?” his height dropped as his clothes became loose, this was quickly fixed as Yang’s jacket replaced his shirt and pants.

Chug’s shoe turned into a boot, and the next change started with a pain, “Ouch! Did someone kick me down here?” Chug thought as he pressed a hand in his manhood, expecting it to be there, except it was long gone, as he noticed that his underwear changed into a pantie.

“Moving to 75%, what will happen now?”, Chug’s question was answered when his face started to change, his red eyes turned into lilac, and the format of his face turned more rounder and petite. Chug’s Adam’s apple disappeared, which meant he now had a copy of Yang’s voice, and a orange scarf formed around his neck. Now the only parts of his body that remained unchanged were his chest, butt and stomach, since Chug was considered a ‘fat” person, weighting about 165 pounds.

He felt an intense pain as his internal organs changed to match his changing body and his skin changed into a CG model, as the “loading” sign was now at 80%.

All the character started moving and talking like in the episode, with the exception of Yang (Chug), she noticed the sign hitting 90% as the battle was seconds from starting, and Neon started talking to Yang, “You should try rollerblading sometime! It’s super fun! It’d probably take you a while though since you’re so…You know…Top heavy!” as Neon scripted dialog finished, everything stopped around Yang again.

“This is bad, the percentage is almost over, I’ve got to escape or else I – Oh no! It’s on 95% n –“, before finishing this thought, a pain focused on her chest, as two molds of chest emerged from the previous flat chest, taking fat from her stomach and growing non-stop, she tried to contain them with her hands, but to no avail, as they grew to DD cups.

Time came back, and thought of being stuck forever as Yang started to fill her mind, she didn’t even noticed that the arena had been fully loaded and the fight started, Neon wasted no time and attacked Yang, using the ice dust on her nunchaku to freeze one of Yang’s legs.

 “Now you’re bottom heavy too.” the taunt from Neon scared Yang, as she knew that the last part of her transformations would occur. The loading sign on the sky now read 100%, as time froze for a again to make the final changes, as the last excess of fat on the former man moved to his butt, as she quickly grew, leaving no traces of his former life.

The freezing was now over, and Yang started feeling anger overcome her body, she hoped that if she won the battle, an escape would appear somewhere to let her back to her old life. Yang needed to use her “rage form” if she wanted a chance to win, but the question is: how long will it take to adapt to her new body and learn to use her abilities? And would she be able to return to her old life?


My first work and entry for :icontgvocals: contest. I do not own neither the image nor RWBY.
TGvocals Featured By Owner Edited Dec 22, 2016
I will add it. Maybe just change the picture to an artwork of her rather than a scene from the show.
mj-r Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2016
I will try.
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